Does the LORD Delight in You?

Jeremiah 9:23-24 (New King James Version) 23 Thus says the LORD:

“Let not the insightful man greatness in his shrewdness, Let not the relentless man brilliance in his strength, Nor let the rich man wonder in his wealth; 24 But let him who wonders magnificence in this, That he comprehends and knows Me, That I am the LORD, practicing lovingkindness, judgment, and exemplary nature in the earth. For in these, I charm,” says the LORD.

What is intelligence?

Without a doubt, astuteness is Request Personal Prophecy something to be thankful for to have. Solomon had intelligence and in his sections, in sayings, he advised us to look for after it as it was valuable to have. Be that as it may, here the prophet says for us not to magnificence in our insight. Wouldn’t that be difficult for the normal shrewd individual to do? Doubtlessly being shrewd is something to be glad about? Not really, says the Lord through Jeremiah. We ought not to wonder about it.

What is may?

George W Bush wonders in his armed forces and his strength. His powerful armed forces that can repress the world and enter any nation and take over at his impulse. Shouldn’t George brilliance in that may? Jeremiah says no he shouldn’t! Indeed, even the compelling are informed that they ought not to wonder in their strength. Ruler Saul was a compelling warrior, however, in one war both he and his child were slaughtered.

What are riches?

Well, this is the place the Spirit of the Lord isn’t right. Riches is everything! At the point when an individual is a very rich person, there is a bounty to wonder about and be pleased with. Most likely this is a legitimate and respectable intention for magnificence in the abundance of our creation, however, Jeremiah says no.

We should Glory in that we comprehend and know the LORD

Let me know and be straightforward with yourself, what number of you outside of the composed words in the Bible know about the LORD?

What number of you have had a two-path discussion with the Father of Lights?

What number of you KNOW the LORD and get him?

I believe that is the greatest thing missing in this world, the information and comprehension of the Father of Lights.

Would the Father affirm of the attack of Iraq? Did the Father ever observe those weapons of mass demolition? Does the Father like George Bush and how he is running the nation and how he runs and world undertakings?

Does the Father like the way the West loots the more unfortunate countries for wares?

Does the Father appreciate the advanced acclaim and love by individuals that don’t comply with His Son week to week?

What are the Father’s see on heavenliness and to be separate? Does he despite everything require his kin to be separate?

What does the Father think about the way that the West just tithes 3% of their wages?

What does the Father think about the cutting edge church?

Is the Father tragic with all the illness and destitution in the third world?

Does the Father sob at the death toll in the third world?

Is the Father angry with the American occupation of Iraq?

How does the Father feel about the flourishing gospel being lectured today?

How regularly does the Father leave His seat and take his Son to a very spot to sob together?

Is the Father prepared to pass judgment on the world?

It is safe to say that he is angry with the Western church?

Does he have a message for the world?

You see peruser, I know the Father. I realize the responses to every one of these inquiries. I have seen the Father sob and I feel the tears of Jesus as they downpour in my heart. I feel the adoration they have for the lost and the depression they have for the lost that are going to damnation because the congregation has not carried out their responsibility.

Do you know the Father?

Do you know the path to the Father?

It is through the Son Jesus.

If you know Jesus and obey Jesus, he will acquaint you with the Father and the Father wills address you.

Do you know Jesus?

Jesus said My sheep know my voice and hear my voice and tail Me.

Do you follow Jesus or do you follow keeps an eye on educating?

Do you realize that Jesus said in the most recent day He won’t judge individuals, however, His statement will pass judgment on individuals?

Do you know one of Jesus’ orders was to, “Provide for everyone that asks of you and from those that take from you don’t require it back.”

Do you provide for everyone that approaches you for change in the city? Do you realize that you should provide for everyone since Jesus said to offer offerings to everyone? You won’t come up short on cash because the Holy Spirit will ensure nobody asks you when you run out.

Let me close with a Word of prescience from the Father.

Do you realize that I never rest, and the sun never goes down in paradise? I never rest and I work every day. My holy messengers run to my seat and Jesus and every day we dispatch billions of solicitations and requests to the armies and armies of heavenly attendants to complete the issues of men.

We dispatch unique holy messengers to convey lessons out of minister’s mouths, we dispatch heavenly attendants to fill a congregation with the blessing, we send moving holy messengers to move in your temples.

We in some cases have our holy messengers seen by individuals and they can see ensembles in their congregation and see heavenly attendants in their middle. In some cases, we’ll even dispatch an army and heavenly attendants for one man and one condition.

We know your works. Each idea you have, each word you talk and all that you do is recorded in paradise in your book. Indeed we excuse and delete things, yet a considerable lot of you have extremely thick books such huge numbers of words they have verbally expressed. We see everything, we see a single thing that you do. We know an apologetic heart from a heart that is trying to say sorry till next time they sin.

Every one of you has a holy messenger that attempts their absolute best to tune you into Our recurrence. Both the Holy Spirit and your holy messenger if you are a Christian attempt and lead you to do the correct things that you ought to do every day. When those of you in addictive sins meet the more grounded in the confidence, your heavenly attendants have cooperation while you are together. Holy messengers are such diligent employees and they don’t grumble and murmur, however, work each day for the children of men to carry them to virtue and exemplary nature and blessedness.

I take a gander at this world and I see Sodom. I take a gander at this world and it helps me to remember the world that existed in Noah’s day. I take a gander at all the Christian men in two-timing connections, I take a gander at all the ministers that are submitting evil entities and I dread for the world.

I take a gander at what number of individuals store their wealth on earth and attempt and fabricate a legacy for their kids yet disregard planting cash into the gospel and putting away their fortune in paradise.

I take a gander at all the visually impaired aides driving the sheep, I take a gander at all the division in the body and all the vindictiveness and jealousy and tattle and prideful mentalities and all the troublesome conventions being lectured and a standard man would shiver.

I take a gander at the fat sheep and the fat shepherds, at that point I take a gander at the destitute sheep in an outside land who could be eating if the fat gave their cash. I take a gander at the fat shepherd’s building greater houses and purchasing progressively costly vehicles and how much good that additional cash could do in the third world church.

There is no doubt. My Son needs to jump on a white pony and come and reap the earth and judge the insidious. There will be no tranquility on earth as even what began as a Christian country has betrayed Me and I have to sift through the entire world.

The prophets serenade harmony, harmony, and recovery while I will spill out my judgment and make the men on earth dread My name once more.

For my frail sheep and sheep.

Offer, Give to the third world church. Send Bibles, send cash. Surrender what you have and assist me with sparing the third world, let Me spare the incredible countries of China and India and all through Asia and Africa. Give, my kin give. Time is short. It isn’t an ideal opportunity to crowd riches, it’s not the time for the best brands. Simply give, give and give some more. Provide for destitute individuals and don’t anticipate an arrival from them.

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