Prophecy – I Walked Into The Heavenly Realms

As I was asking one night the Lord gave me a dream. It was an

impactful download to me. Jesus in John 14:26 discloses to us that the Holy

The soul will show every one of us things. He does this essentially through the

composed Request Personal Prophecy word yet additionally through dramatic experiences with Himself. Let

me state that whatever is profoundly downloaded from the Lord will

continuously Request Personal Prophecy be affirmed by the sacred texts and never usurp itself above

them. In Acts 2:17 Peter the messenger says in the most recent days God will

spill out His soul and that individuals will encounter dreams, dreams, what’s more, the arrival of the prophetic.

On tonight I was sitting in a seat in our lounge room with my Bible

on my lap. As I was communing with the Lord out of nowhere my soul

entered a delightful structure. It had a huge secured door. It

had wonderful marble floors with embellished plans in it. Heaps of plants

developed there.

Some were in holders and others developed in gardens

flanking the dividers. Before I was three openings or entrances. The

edges of these three entries were luxuriously cut and overlaid with

something like ivory however unadulterated white. The three openings welcomed me

as I showed up in the passage region. There were likewise delightful decorations

there. Stunning seats, couches and inside decorations. I just observed one being

there and He was other-worldly in appearance and was sitting in a seat on

the left. We didn’t convey at everything except his grin was very

inviting. The climate was lively and immersed in God’s

nearness. This spot brought prompt reviving. Brilliant Glory

coursed through this condition and existed in each made thing

in the case of living or substance structure. The floor contained this

nearness. The sections, the blossoms the fine art, completely

everything there reacted to and contained a proportion of this brilliance.

I realized that the three openings legitimately before me were very

significant. I call these openings entryways as opposed to entryways because

they didn’t have an entryway on pivots or a handle. They were open

doors with angled Gothic style encircling. I could without much of a stretch see into the

domain past. I have endeavored to depict this scene on the front

of this book even though that really work isn’t in detail. The

astounding thing about these entryways is that every one of them has an

astute security boundary of vitality over the genuine opening.

Vitality like electrical releases was arcing over the openings. At

At this point in the vision the Holy Spirit was speaking with me.

His voice was exceptionally intelligible and I could hear Him within me training

me. He revealed to me that these three entryways were the passage into The

Lord’s Treasury. He guaranteed me that I could experience these entryways

also, recover whatever I required. Through these gateways, I could see

chests flooding with valuable diamonds, gold, and silver. Let me

clarify about these particular fortunes before going on.

Gold speaks to immaculateness and the blessedness of the Lord. Solomon was

taught to cover a significant number of the articles of the sanctuary with gold. The

inside dividers, bars, entryways, and improvements were overlaid with unadulterated

gold. See 11 Chronicles 3:1. A large number of the sanctuary things were made of

gold. Gold likewise speaks to Kingly blessing and nearness.

In certain gatherings today in different spots God is showing a gold-like substance. It shows up now and again on individuals like gold residue or is

discharged as gold fillings for those requiring dental rebuilding. I have

by and by saw this heavenly indication of His essence

while going to gatherings.

Silver speaks to reclamation in the imagery of the sacred texts. It

was silver coins that bought Jesus into the Hands of the individuals who

would execute Him. His definitive demise and restoration bought our

reclamation. Under the Old Covenant, the principal conceived child of a Hebrew

would be recovered by the price tag of five silver shekels

introduced to the cleric in the sanctuary. See Leviticus 27:11 and

Numbers 18:15 as references to this recovery truth.

Valuable pearls and gems speak to all the valuable guarantees of His

word. John the Revelator found in His radiant vision the city of God.

Its establishments, its dividers, and its entryways were made of these valuable


Different fortunes that I saw there in The King’s Treasury were implied

to prepare. Others would change one’s character into His Image.

They would likewise be granted to the individuals who came into this magnificent

place so loaded with His life. The otherworldly blessings and properties of the Holy

Soul is inexhaustible to the point that there is no closure to them. They are endless

in their wealth. There is a lavish excess there that is immense

what’s more, limitless. His blessing and all the arrangements of the Kingdom

what’s more, for the Kingdom are there. The fortunes of this spot are set

aside and saved for the individuals of God on the earth so they can

satisfy their fate. There is such a great amount there that it falters the

creative mind.

As I looked into this domain the Holy Spirit caused me to notice

engravings over every one of these three entryways. Over every entrance is

composed of words that characterize them. The primary entryway to my left side in the vision

was called My Word, the second was My Name and the third had

recorded over it My Power.

Let me clarify something entrancing here. This came to me as I

remained before these gateways in the vision. At the point when I open the sacred texts

on earth in the profound domains of God, I am remaining previously

this entrance called My Word. I can look into this treasury and I can

likewise enter it. I can likewise get impartation there and take it back to

the earth domain.

This is similarly obvious when you summon the Name of Jesus Christ in

supplication. In the soul domain of God, you are remaining before this entrance

called My Name. You can enter for the impartation of the things

mentioned so they can be moved to the earth domain.

The equivalent applies to the entry considered My Power that I saw there. It

will usher you into the domains of where everything is conceivable. I will

clarify this one all the more later on. I have to proceed with the vision.

The Holy Spirit could peruse my considerations even before I finished them

furthermore, I was reacting to them with the appropriate responses. As I approached the

focus entryway I was uncertain on the off chance that it was protected due to the vitality field

arcing all over the opening. I imagined that I would be seared to

a charcoal residue that is how incredible this vitality field was. The Holy

Soul said “these entries are protected by My Glory so the adversary

can’t take away The King’s Treasures. This Glory likewise forestalls the

contamination of man from entering.” In the vision, I felt such profound and

awesome harmony so far yet started to feel a heavenly fear emerging

in me as I remained there before this indication of His Glory. The Holy

Soul notwithstanding addressed me. At the point when He did harmony promptly came

over me. He at that point said, “All who have confidence can enter through these

entrances into the King’s Treasury.” Again His words helped me.

He said, ” put your hand into the opening and you will see.”

Promptly the vitality shield gave path for me to go through.

This prophetic experience God gave me birthed the book entitled ” THE KING’S TREASURY” which is accessible through the site.

Keith A. Paul has numerous long stretches of Ministry experience and is an Author. He is utilized in the endowment of prediction, dream understanding and expressions of information which are blessings of the Holy Spirit. He at present lives in Abbotsford B.C. Canada. He has voyage globally advancing the extraordinary lessons and works of the Holy Spirit.

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